lonelywives.org: a brief history

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Lonelywives.org is an organization created by "Amanda Doe", a beautiful, educated, yet lonely wife, who wanted to create an outlet and community for other lonely wives across America.

When the sparks burnt out of her marriage to a handsome, successful man, that fairy tale life she imagined had disappeared. She found herself married but looking for something else, but understood that some situations were just difficult to change. Amanda had found that her husband was having an extramarital affair, but could not do much about it. They made a beautiful couple, but she was simply "married on paper" and for show.

Online dating sites and online social networking sites were either juvenile or simply judgmental. She wanted a medium where lonely wives and neglected husbands were able to freely and discreetly share eachothers thoughts and passion. She was not the only desperate wife out there, but at times this lonely wife felt like it.

That is, until Lonelywives.org had picked up speed and was soon noticed by the eyes of other lonely wives, fed-up husbands, cheating wives, and those who were curious about extramarital affairs. The concept of married dating was embraced by those who suffered in a dead-end relationship.

Members of Lonelywives.org understand the need to be discreet. For some it's purely experimental to see how green the grass is on the other side. To others, it is a way of life. The upside to both is that Lonelywives.org GIVES YOU LIFE AGAIN, and is FREE TO JOIN.

Amanda knew that discreet affairs, cheating wives and husbands, lonely wives who yearned for being desired again, and men and women who participated in extramarital affairs were not going to want just any online dating site.

Lonelywives.org was their answer, and likely yours too. Join the millions of lonely wives and husbands who were married but looking for another to share life with again... even for just one passionate afternoon.